Adtriba helps marketing managers make better online, performance and brand marketing decisions to optimize ROI. The team has developed a SaaS solution for holistic marketing measurement and optimization, customer journey analysis, and cross-channel performance reporting. Using software based on machine-learning, customers can evaluate individual channels and compare them against each other in order to optimally allocate marketing spend. The solution integrates into the website with just a few clicks and can be used immediately. The first reliable insights and optimizations are available in a very short time. Adtriba’s customers include, amongst others: Flixbus, Die Zeit, Depot and FTI Touristik. In 2015 Adtriba was founded in Hamburg by marketing intelligence and data science experts János Moldvay (CEO) and Ludwig Ostrowski (CTO), who met in 2012 at the Internet service provider Jimdo. The decisive impulse to found the company was given by the participation in the first Startup-Batch of the Next Media Accelerator (NMA).

Jobs at Adtriba

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